Meet Yuriko Koike, Tokyo’s Arabic-talking female representative

The main lady to hold the post plunked down with Arab News to discuss female strengthening and what Saudi Arabia can gain from her city

While she is not kidding about her governmental issues, the ‘Lipstick Ninja’ is likewise not hesitant to play around with cosplay

TOKYO: Yuriko Koike is known as Japan’s Condi Rice or “Lipstick Ninja,” and is the universally adored cosplaying government official. From writer to pastor lastly to legislative head of Tokyo, Koike is demonstrating that with the perfect measure of help and resolve, nothing is incomprehensible.

Koike has had a long, renowned profession and gives no indications of backing off. She has filled in as an individual from Japan’s House of Representatives, condition priest and priest of state for Okinawa and northern regions undertakings for previous head administrator Junichiro Koizumi, and as pastor of guard in Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s bureau.

She earned herself the moniker “Lipstick Ninja” when she joined a gathering of female hopefuls on the battle field of previous Prime Minister Koizumi in September 2005 with the goal of “taking out” his political foes. Flanked by such names as Satsuki Katayama, a model-turned-official, and Makiko Fujino, the “Japanese Martha Stewart,” the media took to considering them Koizumi’s Assassins, or the Lipstick Ninjas.

Most broadly, Koike was chosen for the workplace of legislative leader of Tokyo in 2016, the principal lady ever to hold the post. In any case, what sets Koike separated from other Japanese government officials is her instruction: She contemplated Arabic at the American University in Cairo, graduating in humanism.

Koike went through five years in Cairo during the 1970s, a period she considers affectionately. “It was a rich encounter. An extraordinary encounter. I didn’t simply learn Arabic, I found out about the way of life of the general population there, about Islamic culture, and I observed the experience to be truly important.”


• First female legislative leader of Tokyo

• Lived in Cairo for a long time

• Studied Arabic at the American University of Cairo

• Worked as a columnist and commentator TV Tokyo and Nippon TV

• Loves cosplay and anime

She used her language aptitudes by turning into a translator and a columnist, broadly talking with Arab political figures, for example, Muammar Qaddafi and Yasser Arafat for Nippon TV. During her time as condition serve in the mid 2000s, she utilized her Arabic afresh when working with Arab countries, especially Egypt, to improve ecological conditions.

After a week ago’s visit of Crown Prince Mohammed canister Salman to Japan for the G20 summit, Koike plunked down with Arab News to talk about the fate of female strengthening in the Japanese government, how the city is adjusting to societal changes, and most significant, how Saudi Arabia could gain from Tokyo’s encounters on the two fronts.

As the main female legislative leader of Tokyo, Koike accepts that for Japan to develop further female strengthening is required. “I trust it is irreplaceable to consolidate female thoughts and female governmental issues with the end goal for society to move toward becoming enhanced,” she said.

Koike has long believed that ladies in Japan not just have an “unreasonable impediment” to battle with, but instead an “iron plate,” in that the test before them is more prominent, practically indestructible, as a result of conventional convictions.

Koike kept running for leader of the Liberal Democratic Party in 2008, saying “I’m not Mrs. Thatcher, yet what is required is a procedure that advances a reason with conviction, clear approaches and compassion for the general population.”

Regardless of coming third, Koike picked up a reliable after with numerous Japanese ladies, particularly for her endeavors in presenting female strengthening in a normally male-commanded society.

As indicated by the representative, around 40 percent of the laborers at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building are female, around 20 percent of whom are in administrative positions. Concerning the individuals from the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly (in charge of ordering and revising prefectural laws, deciding on managerial arrangements made by the senator and endorsing the financial limit), 29 percent of those are female, the most elevated number in Japan. “Furthermore, they are altogether chosen,” Koike said.

An expansion in the quantity of female gathering individuals has empowered them to improve laws that were not paid attention to previously, for example, kid care approaches and smoking

counteractive action measures. Koike imagines that those things, which were disregarded or trifled with, have at long last been improved.

“The most significant thing I need to pass on is that having a female representative, with all these female get together individuals in Tokyo, has truly helped basic leadership and improved the general public of Tokyo,” she said.

As to’s strengthening in Saudi Arabia and the progressions occurring in the nation under Vision 2030, Koike said she accepts things are moving the correct way. “The test in what is happening in Saudi Arabia is extremely significant to advance the Saudi culture and Saudi society, to make it more extravagant and progressively various.”

Talking about Riyadh, Koike said she trusts it can without much of a stretch become a brilliant city comparable to Tokyo. She says it has three things that are required for the advancement of a city. “As Saudi Arabia has a great deal of common assets, the country can go toward the path where Tokyo has been advancing. Saudi Arabia can meet the three columns: wellbeing, decent variety and brilliant city innovation.”

The senator additionally talked about the arrangements Tokyo is experiencing to have the 2020 Olympics and Paralympic Games, and what Saudi Arabia could gain from the city’s involvement.

“At the point when the principal Olympics were held in Tokyo in 1964, our attention was on structure scenes, and offices, for example, the Shinkansen (projectile train). This time around, we are putting more accentuation on making these Olympics increasingly open and incapacity amicable. So for our visually impaired and hard of hearing visitors, or our wheelchair-bound visitors, we need to make a city where they can serenely live.

“There is another angle to this, be that as it may: Japanese society is maturing. The level of the Tokyo populace beyond 65 2015 years old 2015 remained at 22.7, anticipated to ascend to 31 percent in 2050. In Saudi Arabia, the number is was 3.1 percent in 2015, and will ascend to 17 percent in 2050. So Saudi Arabia is going to age inevitably. Our endeavors to make the city greater incapacity inviting will in the long run assistance our maturing society a ton. I figure Saudi Arabia can gain from this.”

Because of her accomplishments, Koike may appear to be scaring, however she unquestionably realizes how to have some good times. She has showed up in cosplay at a few occasions, once as Sally from “Sally the Witch” and later, at the Ikebukuro Halloween Cosplay Festival in 2016, as Sapphire from “Princess Knight.”

Koike tended to the group at the opening service, disclosing to them that she was not humiliated and was resolved to seek after the job with everything that is in her. “Try not to feel embarrassed. Get into your job,” she let them know.

At the point when gotten some information about the outfit, Koike stated: “I did cosplay in light of the fact that I needed to appreciate this famous subculture with the general population of Tokyo, and other anime fans on the planet, and offer its enjoyment.”

To close the meeting, when inquired as to whether she may visit Saudi Arabia in cosplay, Governor Koike said she would consider it. “Insha’Allah,” she stated, with a grin.

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