Pakistan high hazard nation for media pluralism: report

ISLAMABAD: A collective research think about, the Media Ownership Monitor (MOM) Pakistan — did by the worldwide media rights association Reporters Without Borders and Pakistani media guard dog Freedom Network — has discovered Pakistan a “high hazard nation” as far as media pluralism.

The examination says the greater part of the broad communications possession in Pakistan is amassed in just a couple of hands.

“This implies Pakistan needs increasingly wide based media proprietorship to guarantee more noteworthy decent variety in news sources,” Iqbal Khattak, official executive of Freedom Network, said to underscore the significance of this extraordinary research which the partners could use to discuss whether the nation needs greater assorted variety in its media possession just as news and perspectives.

Mother is accessible at both in English and Urdu.

For the investigation, a group of scientists labored for eight months to recover and break down every accessible datum from authority and non-official sources, including the administration, media houses and their proprietors.

To survey the nation’s hazard to media pluralism, additionally in examination with the current twenty other nation versions of MOM, ten pointers were registered, including criteria like media group of spectators fixation, cross-media possession focus, administrative shields, political authority over news sources and internet fairness.

As indicated by the investigation, the new thousand years saw an extreme change in the scene of Pakistani media as far as size. In 2002, preceding the nation opened up the telecom segment for business players, just one state-possessed TV station and one radio station were on air. Presently in 2019, a sum of 88 TV channels (counting news and stimulation) and 209 radio stations are communicating, as per Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority.

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