Golden Rose Rush’s passing a ‘suicide’: Murder charged to unfortunate casualty’s mum

Golden Rose Rush’s passing a ‘suicide’: Murder charged to unfortunate casualty’s mum

Under two days after supposedly cutting a 16-year-old young lady to death, a Dunedin specialist recommended to her mom it was likely a suicide.

At the point when Amber-Rose Rush’s mom, Lisa Ann, “intensely” denied that, Venod Skantha raised the names of a couple of individuals who may be included.

The 32-year-old is on preliminary for homicide and four checks of taking steps to murder under the steady gaze of the High Court at Dunedin.

Recently, the respondent’s ex, Balclutha attorney Brigid Clinton, said she had intended to see Skantha on February 2 a year ago however he didn’t appear.

The Crown said Skantha was engaged with a warmed online trade with Amber-Rose that night, which finished with her affirming she would tell police and his medical clinic supervisors that he had explicitly attacked her.

Investigators said the longing to quiet her brought about the litigant requesting that a high school companion drive him to the young lady’s Corsorphine home, at that point cutting the injured individual multiple times as she lay in her bed around 12 PM.

Skantha and the high schooler — who has name concealment — later headed to Clinton’s home, in spite of Clinton letting him know not to.

They all hit the hay and the following day visited The Warehouse where Skantha purchased a huge earthenware pot at that point lit a fire in it in the terrace. “Venod said he was consuming his daggiest garments,” she told the court.

The Crown told the jury at the preliminary’s start that the articles of clothing were canvassed in Amber-Rose’s blood.

Clinton said they toasted marshmallows over the blazes.

After the respondent’s young companion got a call from Amber-Rose’s mom needing to address any individual who had contact with her little girl, they chose to visit Lisa Rush.

They halted at New World in transit — the general store where Amber-Rose had worked — and Skantha purchased blooms and a card for the lamenting mother.

“Lisa was clearly truly disturbed … pale, in stun,” Clinton told the court. “Venod sat by her and proposed it was a suicide to which she eagerly said no.”

There was then a discourse about potential suspects, she stated, before they left, dropping the youngster off.

Back home, Clinton stated, Skantha requested that her recover his samurai sword. While “waving it around” Skantha cut his finger and Clinton took him to the earnest specialist to be sewed up.

Unbeknown to them, police had been following them and as they left the restorative focus officials pulled them over and they were isolated for interviews.

“I was in stun,” Clinton stated, in the wake of being recounted the claims.

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