Web botches Helen Mirren for Keanu Reeves sweetheart

Web botches Helen Mirren for Keanu Reeves sweetheart

Helen Mirren, who’s been hitched to somebody who’s not Keanu Reeves for a long time, says she was very complimented recently when individuals thought she was the John Wick star’s sweetheart.

In spite of the fact that decades separated in age, she and LA craftsman Alexandra Grant could nearly be sisters with a similar silver hair, almond eyes and quiet grins which was sufficient to deceive a few people who looked at hummed about honorary pathway photographs of Reeves and his woman companion at an end of the week occasion.

“That was exceptionally complimenting on me, you know, since she’s clearly beautiful,” Mirren, 74, said of Grant, 46.

The Hollywood veteran, who is hitched to executive Taylor Hackford, talked affectionately of “lovable, beautiful” Reeves, whom she knows from when he and her significant other did The Devil’s Advocate in the late 1990s.

Award and the web’s most up to date sweetheart have been colleagues for a considerable length of time, however recently fired smoothly appearing on red rugs clasping hands.

The hand-holding needed to mean something, as Reeves has been outstanding for his “no touch” style when he models for photographs with ladies. (He likewise had his arm around Grant on an honorary pathway in 2016, and she was on his arm in another photograph taken that equivalent year, yet we deviate.)

They needed to keep their relationship tranquil, a People source stated, however “Keanu needs to transparently impart his life to her.” Mirren appears to completely bolster that thought, based on what she said. “She’s a fortunate young lady,” she told ET, “and I’m certain that he’s a fortunate kid.”

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