Rockets hit Green Zone and Iraq base lodging US troops: security sources

Rockets hit Green Zone and Iraq base lodging US troops: security sources

Two mortar adjusts hit the Iraqi capital’s Green Zone on Saturday and two rockets pummeled into an airbase lodging US troops, security sources stated, a day after a destructive American strike.

The exactness ramble strike outside the Baghdad air terminal on Friday killed Iranian authority Qasem Soleimani, top Iraqi paramilitary boss Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and a grip of other Iranian and Iraqi figures.

In Baghdad, mortar adjusts on Saturday evening hit the Green Zone, the high-security enclave where the US international safe haven is based, security sources said.

The Iraqi military said that one shot hit inside the zone, while another landed near the enclave.

Alarms rang out at the US compound, sources there told AFP.

A couple of Katyusha rockets at that point hit the Balad airbase north of Baghdad, where American soldiers are based, security sources and the Iraqi military said.

Security sources there revealed booming alarms and said observation rambles were sent over the base to find the wellspring of the rockets.

The US international safe haven in Baghdad just as the 5,200 American soldiers positioned the nation over have confronted a spate of rocket assaults lately that Washington has accused on Iran and its partners in Iraq.

One assault a month ago killed a US temporary worker working in northern Iraq, provoking retaliatory American air strikes that killed 25 hardline warriors near Iran.

Strains bubbled over on Friday when the US struck Soleimani’s caravan as it drove out of the air terminal and US representatives and troops crosswise over Iraq had been preparing themselves for more rocket assaults.











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