2nd Year Book Free Download Chemistry Part 2 for FSC Students

2nd Year Book Free Download Chemistry Part 2 for FSC Students


Free download the Book Chemistry Part 2 is for Intermediate FSC second year. This is a book by Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board, Lahore and distributed by Zeeshan Book Center, Lahore.

The writers of the book are

Dr. Jameel Anwar

Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed

Dr. Shaukat Ali

Syed Ghulam Akbar

Dr. M. Akram Kashmiri

Ch. Karam Elahi

Mrs. Nasreen Batool Qaiser

Mr. Tariq Ahmad Niazi

Mrs. Nazeer Ahmed Chughtai

Mr. Zafar Mehdi Zafar

Mr. Saad All Khan

Mr. Javed Iqbal Lodhi

Mr. Naseem Asghar Ginai

Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Jehangir

Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad

We all are made of concoction mixes and the total around us is made of synthetic mixes. The entire parcel we focus, see, smell, taste, and contact includes science and synthetic compounds (tally number). Tuning in to, seeing, tasting, and contacting all contain expand arrangement of concoction responses and associations in our casing. A portion of the changes we take a gander at inside the worldwide around are a direct result of concoction responses. Science isn’t constantly limited to measuring utencils and labs. It’s miles surrounding us, and the higher we perceive science, the higher we understand our worldwide. Science is available in each issue of ways of life, and scarcely any models are-

Sky is blue

A thing is shaded due to the mellow that it reflects. The white light from the sun powered contains the entirety of the wavelengths, yet when it effects on a thing a portion of its wavelengths are assimilated and some examined. The shade of the sky can be characterized considering marvels named Rayleigh dissipating that is made on the dispersing out of light with the guide of particles much littler than its wavelength. This impact is explicitly solid while gentle passes through gases.

Science is vital in regular ways of life because of the reality…

Everything is created from synthetic mixes. You’re created from synthetic concoctions. So is your pooch. So is your work area. So is the sun. Pills are substance mixes. Suppers is produced using concoction mixes.

The majority of the progressions you analyze in the worldwide around you are brought about by substance responses. Models include changing shades of leaves, cooking dinners and getting spotless.

Seeing some science permit you to settle on day by day decisions that influence your life. Am I ready to blend those family unit synthetic mixes? What are secure mosquito anti-agents? Will my filtered water lapse?

Expertise essential science is pivotal for data the impacts of substance mixes on the environment. This measurements might be utilized to exhibit vegetation the wonderful supplements to assist them with creating or to decide the best approach to remove compound substances without harming the air or water supply.

Science is a snicker! It could be utilized to make shades change, manage plans, shading blazes, make things sparkle inside the darkish, or even cause stuff to detonate. Numerous individuals view science never again as it’s a prerequisite for a class however because of the reality they’re curious about its utilization to investigate the division and to attempt innovative expertise undertakings. As interests go, science is modest because of the reality household synthetic substances might be utilized to complete many fascinating trials.

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