Couple imprisoned for life for Comanchero execution murdering

Two men with connections to the Comanchero pack have been imprisoned for life for an execution-style slaughtering of an adversary and endeavored murder of his significant other.

Epalahame Tu’uheava and Yolanda (Mele) Tu’uheava were both shot a few times on April 30 a year ago in Māngere.

The couple had been baited to Greenwood Rd under the misrepresentation of a medication bargain before being gunned down.

Epalahame, a 28-year-old dad otherwise called Hame or Abraham, passed on inside minutes.

He had in any event seven discharge wounds, including three to his head with a .22 bore quick firing rifle.

Yolanda, be that as it may, made due by playing dead until being found by a passing driver a few hours after the fact in spite of being basically injured with two shots to the head with a gun.

Police later charged three men, who are largely cousins with connections to the Comanchero Motorcycle Club, with Epalahame’s homicide and the endeavored homicide of Yolanda.

Fixed part Viliami Taani, the “fundamental person” as Yolanda depicted him, confessed to the two charges and was condemned a week ago to life detainment by Justice Anne Hinton.

“I concur this was an execution-style murdering,” the judge said.

She included the reality Yolanda endure “was out and out inexplicable”.

As the shooter, Taani will likewise serve a base time of detainment of 17 years and a half year.

The other two, Fisilau Tapaevalu and Mesui Tufui, went to preliminary in the High Court at Auckland a month ago yet the jury returned consistent liable decisions for the couple.

Today, they were condemned by Justice Graham Lang.

Tufui will serve 19 years in jail before being qualified for parole, while Tapaevalu was given a base time of detainment of 17 years.

Crown examiner Gareth Kayes said the slaughtering and endeavored murder showed an abnormal state of ruthlessness and insensitivity.

During the preliminary the court heard the hits on the pair may have been requested from pioneers of the Comancheros in Australia.

They had been given the “green light to murder” Epalahame, who had a relationship with the Australian Nomads pack, the court heard.

While it might never be known precisely why the couple were shot, Crown investigator Claire Robertson said during the preliminary it “shows up there was some animosity between the Comancheros and Tu’uheava.”

Yolanda affirmed in the preliminary by means of video interface from an undisclosed area and is comprehended to be in observer insurance.

Specialists had separated one projectile from Yolanda’s head yet the other remained in light of the fact that it was too risky to even consider removing.

She was not in court today.

Be that as it may, during the preliminary she clarified how her significant other wound up associated with group life after the pair moved from South Auckland to Sydney in 2014 to be all the more monetarily steady while bringing up a little youngster.

However, the court heard Tu’uheava, a truck driver, turned into a fixed individual from the Australian Nomads group.

They lived in Australia until 2017, yet in the wake of coming back to New Zealand Tu’uheava kept on diving into the criminal world and started selling drugs.

Tu’uheava likewise fancied the Comancheros – another group building up a toehold in New Zealand.

“I surmise he appreciated them,” Yolanda said.

“I saw he was viewing these recordings of the Comos with their bicycles, all these blaze things that they had, so he was attempting to figure out how to get it together of them … He respected the material stuff they had.”

Yolanda said her better half reached the Comancheros and kept up correspondences with them via web-based networking media.

Be that as it may, any relationship they had before long soured.

In his police talk with, Tufui said there was a “fellow who’s creation cash off the Como name and we’re going to put him to rest.”

Yolanda said she presumed her better half was engaged with medication managing when she found a pack brimming with money as the couple flew once more from an excursion to Invercargill.

There was some $48,000 in the lightweight suitcase, while $15,000 was in another sack, the court heard.

“You don’t make that much driving [a] truck. It must be something dodgy he was doing,” Yolanda said.

The money was to be taken to “some new folks” who had connections to Tu’uheava’s new group associations, the court heard.

Taani, Tapaevalu and Tufui met Tu’uheava and his significant other at a McDonald’s in South Auckland before they later headed to Greenwood Rd in Māngere.

After some extensive discourses, the couple were requested out of the vehicle and shot out and about.

Equity Lang called it “an execution of a vulnerable individual”.

In any case, the judge additionally addressed if there was a planned arrangement to execute Tu’uheava why had the culprits held up before shooting him and his better half.

“This was at first a gathering to talk about a medication exchange,” he said.

“Something struck flash the savagery … Just Mr Taani and Mr Tufui will ever realize what that was.”

While Taani was the killer, Justice Lang arrived at the resolution Tufui pursued the couple not far off with a shotgun knowing Taani proposed to slaughter them.

While recouping in medical clinic, Yolanda distinguished Taani and Tufui as her wrongdoers from a police photoboard, Detective Sergeant Tamaru Anderson told the court.

Be that as it may, Tufui’s attorney Paul Borich QC contended Yolanda was mixed up and said his customer wasn’t on Greenwood Rd at the season of the shootings.

Sam Wimsett, Tapaevalu’s insight, challenged that while his customer acknowledged he was at the scene he “didn’t do anything” and put the culpability exclusively with Taani.

In a May assault a year ago, police found the gun and rifle utilized during the shootings at a Te Atatu property.

Tapaevalu prior confessed to wrongfully having the rifle and gun, and two charges of ownership of meth for supply.

Tufui additionally conceded to one charge of ownership of a class A medication.

Investigator Inspector Tofilau Faamanuia Vaaelua talked about the case after the consultation.

However, he wanted to sit quiet about the wrongdoers.

“Epalahame’s child will grow up without his father, his significant other will have physical and enthusiastic wounds that are changeless and deep rooted,” he said.

“We feel for the unfortunate casualties for this situation and police will proceed to help and work intimately with Yolanda and her family.

“Concerning the three culprits and their partners, police want to remark further on their aims in this issue.

“To be obtuse, they were a concentration for me and our groups for around 16 days in May a year ago that is the means by which brisk our examiners settled this case.”

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